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January 4, 2019 – Milan Mancini challenge Chiellini last Atalanta-Juventus championship. Ansa for age and skill, probably Atalanta home is the player with the most market. Class ’96, a professional defender. Distinguishing marks: marks. And a lot.

This year already 4 rings in Serie A (and 1 assist) in 14 appearances, another in the Europa League in a 2-2 draw with Sarajevo. A Gianluca Mancini, the opposing penalty area, like a lot. Knows coach Gasperini, which by its very central also claims in attack.

The performance of the former Fiorentina and Perugia are clear. Holder in the last four, already within the national team: “Approval immense. The dream for your career? Become a pillar in blue”, explains Stefano Castelnovo, agent boy of Pontedera. In Bergamo summer of 2017, today is a talent that appeals to middle-Serie A, Bundesliga and Premier League that they are certainly watching.

Castelnuovo, Mancini is growing game by game. “Playing continuously makes a difference to anyone, especially for a 22 year old guy. He’s happy, he does not give a centimeter and wants to play super vintage with Atalanta. The goal, considering the value of the rose can be the third consecutive qualification Europa League. ” Chapter market in January remains in Bergamo? “Sure, at 100%. In Italy, for a young man like Gianluca, there is no better environment to grow.

In addition there Gasperini, also a teacher for the defenders.” What will happen in June? “It is still early to talk about it, because it has a long contract with Atalanta, valid until 2023. What I can say is that in April and May we will talk with the company to make a decision: renewal or assignment, we will choose for the good of all”. In Serie A, it is mainly about Inter and Roma. “It affects a lot not only to them but also to other big Italian.

The same goes for other countries.” Names? “I’d rather not. However, German and British companies to medium-high.” The player has a preference? “The Premier League would love to anyone, but the Serie A is returning competitive and the Bundesliga is growing.” Among his clients, even Locatelli. “He had the courage to leave AC Milan, it is not for everyone. Choice, in my opinion, winning.

He is grateful to his former club, but it was right to look ahead. The Sassuolo will buy 12 million (plus 2 bonus, editor’s note) then we’ll see. But I think will remain for at least another season. ” Other young people on the launching pad? “Three in 2000, all of the Fiorentina: Ferrarini, fullback, Lakti midfielder and captain, and Meli, playmaker.

They have excellent quality, but we are calm. The road is still long.” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Francesco Fontana  @ fontanfrancesco1 © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

November 12, 2014 – milanoPremio Cannavò: Del Buono, “I will push to do even better” The award Candido Reedy set from athletics Bracco has changed the road. The raised plate to the sky in the past by sports legends such as Sebastian Coe, Stefano Baldini and Yelena Isinbayeva, this year was awarded to a 19 year old girl, Federica Del Buono who still have not won anything important, but within Italian athletics in a wonderful season has proven to be a diamond yet to sgrezzare.

Federica has received this morning in the beautiful plate of candy theater Cino del Duca from the hands of Franca Reedy, the wife of the historian and director of the Journal of Franco Angelotti, President of Bracco Athletic. “I am flattered to receive this award – said Del Buono – and 1xbet promotions I hope to win at least something my predecessor.” But the season just ended has said that this girl is already a certainty. Eight times has improved employees about 1,500 meters, the distance, bringing it up to 4’05 “32, and four times that of the 800 meters up to 2’00” 38 with no specific training for the double lap.

Federica Journal with director Andrea Monti and his mother Rosella Gramola. COLOMBO words – To Federica has been an incredible season in which surprised even herself. From unknown up to fifth place on the European Championship in 1500 and the first experiences in athletics the highest level in more meeting of the Diamond League. “Some results came because I have not placed limits – confesses -. Now I know it will be different, that around me there will be more attention and waiting for a result, but try not to affect me.

Now I’ll do some cross, then some on the indoor 300 meters. Outside my focus will be on the podium at the European Under-23, then I will go to Beijing at the World Cup. But in China I’ll just have to learn. ” Even before last season so he said …

Up there Candido Reedy applauded the usual heat. He had refined tastes and is always in love with the talent. Pierangelo Molinaro

August 13, 2018 – MilanoMilan-Juventus, the Rossoneri Locatelli brings ecstasy in 2016 Manuel Locatelli is officially a new player of Sassuolo. But do not forget Milan: “Thanks – writes the class 98 ‘on his Instagram profile immediately after the officer of its passage in Emilia -. I think there is no other way to start this post.

I want to thank all those people that I They were next: from the warehouse of the Vismara up to those at Milanello, to the drivers, who have accompanied me back when I had a driver’s license, at Milanello staff who supported me and endured at times when I needed (physiotherapists, doctors, preparatory and Milanello kitchen) “. THANK YOU … I think there is no other way to start this post.

I want to thank all those people that I have been in the picture: from the warehouse Vismara up to those of milanello, to drivers who have accompanied me back when I had my license … to milanello staff who supported me and endured at times when I needed (physiotherapists, doctors, trainers, milanello kitchen). A thank you to our fans who have rejoiced and cried with me. Thanks to the coach who always gave the maximum to make me improve.

A thanks to my teammates: from beginners B to the first team. Special thanks to the president Berlusconi and Dr.. Galliani.

And of course thanks to my family, my girlfriend and my friends who have accompanied me and who support me always in my new adventure. Manuel Locatelli 73 A post shared by Manuel Locatelli (@ locamanuel73) on: August 13, 2018 at 8:21 PDT greeting – “A thank you to our fans, who have rejoiced and cried with me – continues Locatelli -. Thanks to mister, they have always done my best to make me improve. A thanks to my teammates: from beginners B to the first team. special thanks to the president Berlusconi and Dr Galliani. and of course, thanks to my family, my girlfriend and my friends , who have accompanied me and who support me always, even in my new adventure. ” Gasport

March 3, 2019 – genoa Sanabria in action against Frosinone. Sixth Lapresse useful results in a row for Genoa Prandelli, but the draw with Frosinone, with ten men for 61 minutes after the expulsion in the first half of Cassata, has the air of an opportunity thrown away against an opponent that endures to the end and take home a heavy point. The first half was a sort of competition-copy, by the Frosinone, the game (won) the Ferraris against Sampdoria three weeks ago.

The Barons team does a very high pressure, try to keep the pace high and do little reason for Prandelli’s men, at least until the teams are in equal numbers, they are struggling to become dangerous. Partly because of Genoa latita game, partly because the guests lined up with a 3-5-2 formation, go to 5-3-2 when not in possession, with Paganini and Molinari moving down the line of defenders. The defect of Frosinone is to never realize so much pressure.

The best chances, until half, are red and blue, which at 28 ‘skim the advantage with a free kick just wide of Sanabria. But the turning point of the race arrives at 33 ‘, when Cassata commits a hard (and useless) intervention of Biraschi right on the halfway line, which cost him a straight red.